How to Attend Interaction ’11 without being there

I had a free day to myself today, so I thought I’d laze around the internet looking for interesting stuff and ended up spending the whole day immersing myself with the insane amount of stuff that’s been posted on the interwebs about Interaction 11 in Boulder, Colorado.

After 5 pages of sketchnotes, I’m still not done yet. The sketchnotes have certainly helped me digest and really synthesize the talks – it’s almost like being there, plus I can do background research about the speakers and certain topics at my leisure. I’m so glad that people are putting all this stuff out. If I don’t manage to get to Dublin for Interaction 12, I won’t know what to do with myself.

How to Attend Interaction 11 without being there

Designing Advanced Design part 2 #ixd11

Interaction11 sketchnotes

Interaction11 sketchnotes

Interaction11 sketchnotes


  1. This is a great idea – combining what is being distilled by the audience and then broadcast to twitter and then distilled down further by capturing that in a sketchnote. Not to mention, you saved a bundle on flights / hotels ;)

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